Hub variable rename issue

found a issue with Hub variables @gopher.ny or @bravenel if you just have a device and create a connector and not use the variable in a rule it wont pick up that its being used but that stops the link working and so you can't rename the variable.

the top one i have just added it to a rule which now allows me to rename it.

Yeah, a connector in use is not the same as a variable in use. You can rename the connector on its device page. The rule itself has no way to know that it's a connector, so it can't mark the variable in use.

yes that bit works

that's fine but you should be able to rename it even if its not in a rule though right? that's the issue

No, rename comes up only when the variable is in use. This is an odd edge case. If you aren't using the variable, why would you need to rename it?

just to match up so when i do use it i can find it.

This isn't going to change. Renaming a variable is only available for one in use. In all other circumstances (aside from using a connector only), an unused variable can just be removed and a new one created with a different name. Like said, using only a connector and then wanting to rename the variable is an edge case, one that is not compelling to change the Hub Variable UI for.

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