In my “question-on-hub-crashing” post it was recommended that my hub would benefit from being on a ups.
Has anyone tried a power bank with pass through charging? Basically a battery pack that can charge the phone while it’s also being charged.
Seems like a $13 ups solution.

Yes, that would work. If you have a link for one, I'd be very interested. All the one's I previously had bookmarked on Amazon are no longer available.

Hope this link works

Says it will pass through charge.

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The only other thing to consider is whether it will immediately switch over to battery power if AC power is lost, or if there will be a "blip" of a delay, which if long enough will cause the hub to turn off and will not actually avoid the problem you intended to solve. I know Konnected sold one (not cheap), at least for the C4 hub model, and I'm sure any "real" UPS with USB ports would also behave fine, but this information seems hard to find with other devices like this.

I'm definitely curious which ones people have had good luck with. If you try this one, let us know!

I've been running this one since last April. It was mentioned in another ups thread here.


Have you run a test to see how long Hubitat will run with that device?

No, my hub had held up through a couple of power outages without any issues. I just added this to provide a buffer of some sort. I live in the 'lightning belt' and power blinked out a half-dozen times or more during this past summer, so it had some live testing.

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@aaiyar posted earlier today about a shutdown RM kicking in during the storms we had across the south. I searched, but couldn't find anything further. If the RM tests for power outage over a defined period, then starts the shutdown, that would be nice to have.

I had some eBay bucks to spend so I just ordered this for about $22.41. I believe it should work, but I'll let you know. (Be sure to pay in local currency, and let your credit card do the conversion, and use a credit card with no foreign transaction fee).

My experience with plug-in battery packs (such as this), is they do not switch over fast enough. While I did not test on an HE, which may have longer hold up, the device I did test against restarted when unplugging the battery from the wall.

Unless a device is explicitly described as a UPS, I suspect it will not have glitch free transition from wall to battery.

A UPS doesn't have to be that expensive anyway. You can buy a small Cyberpower for $39.95 from Amazon anytime and I've seen them as low as $29.95 on sale.

That’s the one I have.
Powers my HE for more than 12hrs.


The GM322 is marketed as a mini-UPS and sold under other names as such. In its specification, the somewhat broken English says "Mini UPS can charge Router and light cat at the same time", which either means it transitions smoothly, or you can use it to make your cat glow.

There is this as well:

Just make sure you use the USB output. It appears the barrel jack output is 12v.


Ordered the power bank from Amazon. It works as described will power a device and charge at the same time. Only issue is when you pull power to the bank the output drops out for a bit. It’s enough to cause the hub to reboot. Sadness.
On to

I like I can use any size cell.
The hub draws less than 400mA and idles at about 80mA.

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Did you get the Talentcell Device ?!
With mine there’s definitely NO power drop during the changeover.
The HE hub stays up and running for hours.

I went with the GORILLADRIVE Ruggedized Power Bank 7800 mAh.
I has the power dropout when transitioning from line to battery.
will post when the Adafruit unit comes in.

Ah ok. That’s one to avoid then. :blush:
Good luck.

Came up with this.
MonaLisa board is a Zigbee connection to the hub.
Left to Right
1400mAh LiPo battery ~$10
Adafruit PowerBoost 500 Charger (the UPS) ~$15
Two voltage dividers, USB in V and Batt V
Battery voltage meter.
There is USB power meter for now, to be removed
The hub used ~600mAh in three hours
UPS should last 5-6 hours with the 1400mAh battery.
Not that it will do much good but the hub will send a notification when line power is lost
and then shutdown when the battery drops to 3.2V