Hub Update 698 - Reset ZigBee Stick not working?

I just applied the .698 update, and because I’m currently doing testing of Xiaomi devices, I thought it would be wise to start with a clean slate, and reset the ZigBee stick.

After doing that, in the Zigbee Information Page I still see everything listed in the Zigbee Radio Devices list, and also they’re still there in the main Devices page.

I tried the reset feature previously and seem to remember the list of Zigbee devices being completely wiped clean.

Am I misunderstanding how the Zigbee reset feature is supposed to work?

Thanks a bunch for the Zigbee log, by the way!

Reseting the stick does not remove the Zigbee devices. They are in the database. When you rejoin them they will reattach to the database devices. You can remove them from the database if you want.

Good to know, thank you.

I suppose it was just wishful thinking that my Zigbee device database would be wiped clean because I have found removing devices one-by-one is rather slow.

The device being in the database is a good thing. That means it’s still in your automations. When you rejoin the physical Zigbee devices, it reconnects to the database entry, and you are then back up and running. That’s way better than rebuilding every automation for those devices.