Hub Unresponsive

Relatively new to HA so I apologise in advance if I get any of the technical terms wrong. I just got done adding a bunch of devices to my ~1 month old HE which I picked up during the Black Friday sale. Went to get some food and came back to an unresponsive hub. Couldn't access it over LAN either, googled and found a recommendation to use the 8081 port which was also inaccessible. Power cycled the Hub a couple of times to no avail - even the small LED on the front isn't turning on. I have raised a request with the Support guys though it's pretty late and they aren't working right now. Was wondering if there was something I could do to reset the device or if I've missed something here. I have changed the USB cable, the adapter and even the ethernet cable for good measure and nothing seems to be working. I would really appreciate any help on this front.

Thank you in advance and for taking the time to read through this!

If the LED on the hub is not lighting up then it’s not getting power. :grimacing:
If you’ve tried another power pack ( of the same voltage and current ) then I think the Hub will need replacing and only Support can help with that.
That’s rotten luck.


You should submit a support ticket. Email
Tagging @bobbyD - watch your private messages. Bobby sometimes will pm you.


I know this is late but support got back to me and sent me a new hub within 10 days! The hub had stopped working because of some (probably) known issue and had to be changed. Had to add all my devices again. Managed to procrastinate till last night (over 2 months - a personal record) but am finally back on Hubitat!


BobbyD resolved my issue! They sent me a new hub within 10 days! Had to add all my devices again and that ended up taking more time than getting a new hub, Thank you so much for your help!