Hub unresponsive

Hubitat C8 becomes unresponsive. Unable to ping device either on ethernet or WiFi. Device doesn't show connected on router when in this state. Hubitat app will not connect. Only way to connect to device is by pulling the power cable. Device then works normally for a while before becoming unresponsive again. Logs don't appear to show anything out of the ordinary. Device was purchased at the end of March.

Running on latest software version. Device is set to ping router and was only bought at the end of March.

What is the color of the hub's LED when it is no longer connected to the router? If it is green, then the likelihood is high that you have jumbo ethernet frames on the same LAN as the Hubitat, which are known to crash the hub's network interface.


Been battling “no response from hub” for weeks now.

Unplug and reboot hub works for a bit but eventually goes unresponsive in the iOS app.


Already assigned ip-address in router.

WAF is dropping

WTF is “jumbo frames” haha??!

Thanks for your response. Led is green. Jumbo frames not enabled. Can't even run the diagnostic tool.

If you cannot reach the diagnostic tool, it either means you're trying to connect to the wrong IP address, or the hub's network interface is down.

Tagging @support_team.

One way to be absolutely certain jumbo frames are not affecting the hub is to connect the hub to the router via a cheap 100 mbps switch.

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Again, thank you for your reply. Jumbo frames is turned off on all NICs, switches and router. The hub is connected to a Netgear Prosafe GS108E v3 smart switch. Diagnostic tool can be accessed once the hub has been rebooted.

Oh, that's happened to me on a C5 a couple times over the last few months. Indeed if that's the cause then that's very likely the IP Camera streaming on the same end of the bridge and switch as the HE.

Hummm, so now to adjust data transmission rate, compression, or packet frame size?

P.S. Hub always came back after power cycling.

If you assigned a static IP, make sure you don't have conflicting IP assignment to two different clients. I have seen many cases when that has happened. If that's not the case, please send me a private message so we can further investigate. Likewise for you, @user5556

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Conflicting: to mean the ip of the Hubitat is the exactly same as some other device on the network?



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