Hub Unresponsive - when viewing Hub Events

When I click on Hub Events, it seems to tie up all the hub's resources while sifting through the database of entries. My hub will become unresponsive for 3-5 minutes while doing so. If I click to view another page in the list of events....another 3-5 minutes. I doubt this is normal behavior and rebooting did not resolve.

I'm running F/W I'm pretty sure I viewed my hub vents a week or 2 ago and while it took a bit to display the events (maybe 15-20 seconds), it did not freeze up like it currently does.

Curious, how many entries do you typically have? My Highest is 161 entries in one device and it appears to be almost instant.

I have 45 entries in the Hub log and it's also "instant"

I've noticed a slowdown in my hub recently when working with my dashboards. However my hub only became unresponsive for about 30 seconds while retrieving hub events, might have something to do with the 123,944 entries. Sounds like the number of events impacts the system resources required to display them.

I thought I read some time ago that the events were truncated after xxxx entries. However I cannot recall and I can't find it in the WebUI. (This happens to me often :slight_smile: )

I think you are correct sir.
I have 350,000 + entries.

@JohnRob, I think you might be looking in your logs...which is different than Hub Events.

My "massive" 45 entries are 100% Reboots. Nothing else. You guys have rebooted 124,000 times?


You are correct, My hub events are at 24 (similar to @csteele.)

Perhaps you should post a snapshot of the types of events that can rack up that number.


Wow. My hub has been in use since Feb. 5th and I only have 55 entries in Hub Events (and the oldest is dated Feb. 5th, so apparently nothing has been truncated),

i have 1846 entries. I think most of them are ssdpTerm (urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Basic:1)

I only have 55 Hub Events as well. All appear to be based on startup of the hub since receiving it in early February.

That's part of the problem. I'm trying to see what types of events are listed but it only shows 10 at a time and takes FOREVER to navigate to the next page.

It might have to do with the type if integrations I have running. As @cuboy29 mentioned it is seems to be mainly ssdp events.
I have the following integration:

I set the no of entries to 100 so I could see a bunch at a time. Took like 10 minutes but see the event list below. Seems to be the same list every minute.

You are clearly have some devices/apps running that many don't. This is a job for the Hubitat staff.


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You're right, it's supposed to truncate to 1K every night:

My hub came online on February 6 and I only have 93 hub events. I realize this is apples to oranges as I don't have the integrations you have setup but obviously something is logging more than it should. I would reach out to support and @bobbyD will get you fixed.

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Have already...we are working on it. Seems like one of my integrations might be stuck in SSDP discovery. Also it appears that the there is an issue with the log cleanups.


I have most of those integration as well. My list also include the following

Smartlife RGB Light Connect
Sonoff Connect

Just an update on this. It appears that the Hue Integration app is causing the frequent hub events. Still not sure why.

The log cleanup script wasn't able to keep up with the huge amount of entries and I ended up with 350,000 entries and counting. The latest f/w addresses the log cleanup issue and I'm down to 6000 this morning. The entire web interface feels much snappier now including Hub Events.

As always, thanks to the Hubitat team and their diligent bug squashers.