Hub unresponsive, port 8080 and 8081 not working but can ping. How to reboot?

My C-4 hub is remote and unresponsive. I have VPN access into the network. I can ping it.

I am unable to do a POST to 8080/hub/reboot. I am unable to reach :8081. I can find it with the hubitat cloud access by the MAC address (it wont find it by land, perhaps due to VPN).

However, as I cannot reach any ports, I am unable to reboot it. Checking in the app it seems like it has been 6 days since it last checked in.

I am on windows and have been using PowerShell to try to reboot: "Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -Method Post" but it just hangs.

Any suggestions on how to manage this ? If I could pull the plug (although not recommended) I would do so, but I am not on site.

To date the hub has been performing pretty good with few hangs, so surprised this is happening now. I might want to look into periodic rebooting for good measure. I am on FW.

To avoid similar situations in the future I will probably setup a network connected smartplug to do a hard power reset in case of emergency.

To answer my own post, the hub seems to have returned to life, automagically. There were quite some errors in the log which I have asked if support would be willing to take a look at, but I am not sure what the problem was.

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