Hub Unresponsive on desktop, but mobile app dashboard work?

I have no idea if it's related, but I just went to add a new Z-Wave device, then my hub became unreachable. So, now the portal doesn't even see it. But, I can still control lights from the mobile app (dashboard).

The light is green on the hub... and I have an IP reservation.

I have no idea what to do now.

Use a web browser and go to http://[YourHubIP]:8081

The hub can often be accessed on port 8081 when it’s acting up and can’t be accessed by normal means.

If the page loads, you can reboot the hub from there. You’ll need to enter the hub’s MAC address, which you should be able to find printed on the hub.

Thanks @marktheknife but that page didn't load.

I went back to the find my hub on the portal page and entered the mac address. It showed up, but that page didn't lead either after I clicked on the hub found via mac address

So... I just remember, this has happened to me before.

From the last time, this was the solution (and it worked again):
both the hub and my laptop were hardwired through the same unmanaged switch. When I went to pair my last device, I unplugged my laptop and went wifi only. When I plugged back, I couldn't get connected to the hub. So, I unplugged the ethernet from my laptop and everything came back up.

The weird thing is I plugged ethernet back into my laptop (no wifi), and everything is working great.

But how do I stop this from happening again? I assumed reserving the IP address would stop this? Anyway, at this point, I'm wondering if the issue is actually with my router (I use Eero mesh)?

If you’re sure the hub’s IP address couldn’t have changed, then yeah it sounds like it could have something to do with Eero. But I don’t use a WiFi mesh system so I’m not sure.

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Do you have your laptop's wifi and ethernet assigned to the same IP address on the network?

Nope, different IPs