Hub unreachable help strange idea

Hi all, Ive got a hub that goes unreachable quite often, I can't seem to get to the bottom of it, so I'm considering making a separate network outside of the current router/system the reason for this is that I want to rule out the house router/network as being the problem, this poses a small issue for me as it currently runs on tablets connected to the WiFi, so I may have to add some access points just so the tablets can still switch things, does this sound like a good avenue to travel or am I being ridiculous ?

First of all, is it just the message that the hub is unreachable in the hub admin UI?

Or is it that your cloud endpoints, like remote dashboards don't actually load?

Also, what browser are you using to see this? Do you see it on a desktop, using Chrome?

when it goes unreachable i cant view it via LAN ip, i cant view it from the app local and cloud, i cant view it from desktop using chrome or explorer, i cant view it from safari ios and i cant view it from fully kiosk either, it also doesn't come back on without turning the power off and on, ive left it for 46 hours to see if it would ever come back on, no joy, when it goes unreachable the hub goes from a blue light to red, hopefully ive gone into enough detail

If the red light is on, that means it shut down. Sounds like a potential thermal issue. Is it in a well ventilated area that says bear room temp?

it was in a server rack, climate controlled to 25 degrees c, so its never been over 26 degrees, ive relocated it to somewhere much cooler