Hub unavailable

Since migrating. The C8 always shows Hub Unavailable when I open the app. I can search and find it and go into it.

I am also having trouble controlling devices from the device page, google home app, and automation
Any ideas?

Connected on Wifi or Ethernet?
Static IP set on the hub?


Connected via Ethernet with static IP address and Mac reserved on Orbi Pro.

Don't do both, either static on Hub or reserved IP on router. DHCP Reservation is preferred, and then set the hub to DHCP.


Thanks. Will try that.

That did not change anything. None of my GE Enbrighten dimmers or switches are working in HE.

When you say:

Can you describe this process in more detail and provide some screenshots? Particularly given that you also indicate you can access devices via what I assume is the web UI, based on later comments.

I would encourage you and any others experiencing issues like this to be more detailed in how you describe devices "not working". This is not a criticism, just a suggestion based on where the conversations tend to end up, asking for more details like....

Are these physical switches / dimmers and you are attempting to control them and they are not triggering automations in your HE hub? What protocol do the switches / dimmers use, are they Z-type or LAN-based? What driver are you using?

A couple of other things worth checking:

  • Based on the earlier conversation about your IP reservation, are you able to successfully connect to your HE hub consistently? I.e. can you open the web UI from a PC / laptop / mobile device on the same LAN?
  • When you interact with your switches / dimmers, i.e. turn then on/off or dim up/down, do you see Events logged against the device in HE? Available in the Events page for the device. Alternatively, if you turn on logging for the devices, do you see any issues / success in the logs recorded?
  • Depending on the results above, if you turn on logging for any automations you are using the switches / dimmers in, what do you see?

In my case not working means the Zigbee devices are going inactive. I have removed and readded the Enbrighten switches and dimmers and they drop off almost within the hour. I had the C8 replaced by warranty. Same problem on the new hub. I did not have this issue pre-migration on my C7 or C5.

What is your hub zigbee power and channel.

Any other zigbee hubs like alexas or hues or other hubitats. If so check zigbee channel.

Are your c5 and c7 powered down?

What are your wifi 2.4 ghz channels.