Hub too close to router?

Is it good or bad to have you HE Hub close to your WiFi router? Mine is currently 1 foot away. Does having it this close interfere with the Z-Wave or Zigbee radios?

I have mine right next to router. And a ST hub next to that. Have not experienced any problems.

Depends on what channel your Zigbee and 2.4 GHz wifi is on since there is overlap in the 2.4 GHz range with these two networks. But in most part I haven't seen any issues and my Hubitat and my old SmartThings hubs were on the same shelf as my Orbi router.

Here is a good article on Zigbee and Wifi:

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Never a good idea to have them right next to each other no matter what your frequency is. Plus, never have them on top of each other. People have reported their Hubitat hubs overheating in this configuration.


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