Hub-to-Hub Migration and reuse old hub

Hello Hubitat Community,

I'm thinking about purchasing a C7 hub, as I'd like to put an additional hub out in my garage, as the responsiveness of my Z-wave devices is a bit finnicky due to the distance. However, I'd prefer to have the newer, C7 hub in the house where the bulk of the devices are, and put the C5 hub out in the garage.

With the Hub-to-Hub migration, would I be able to migrate from the C5 to the C7 hub, and then reset and reuse the C5 hub out in the garage and pair the garage devices with it without causing an issue with the devices in the home?

Yes. Be sure to do a full reset on the C5, so both it’s zwave and zigbee radios are reset.

Also be aware that you will have to pair zigbee devices to the C7; however, they will slot into their existing device-ids and automations will not have to be redone. Zwave devices will move over seamlessly.


Perfect, thanks!


Hi there,

I've migrated my devices over to the new C-7 hub, and now want to do a full reset on my C-5 so I can relocate to the garage and reuse. However, I'm not seeing Full Reset in the diagnostics menu, only a soft reset. Any ideas how I can accomplish the reset so I can reuse this hub?