Hub stuck updating

My hub don't start up when downloading
It stuck by 40% while rebooting.
Hopefully they can fix this problem.
My other hub works great on this update.

This doesn't have anything to do with this thread, and probably should be moved to another thread.

Just to be clear, did the download of update work? Or, is the hub stuck on the rebooting?

What color is the light on the hub, and what version hub?

Are you able to get to the diagnostic tools (port 8081)?

Try a reboot there, or try making and downloading a backup and restoring an earlier backup.

It may be that you've got a corrupt database that won't boot, and you need to go back to an earlier database backup.

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If you didn't get it up and running, I would contact support

Yes I have tried 8081 and have it back to
I have two of c7 hubs. 1 is working on the latest

The latest is actually

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Really. I will try that one.

Today I send a email to support.
Hopefully they can fix it.

I've had similar issues with the last few updates: Update from my Windows 10 PC- Slow to start, then slow to download, then failed verifying download.

I ended up clearing my Web-browser's cache (Chrome) and then was able to get the update installed.