Hub stopped working

I got a message that hub was cpuoverload

And i have 2 simple switches that just stopped working.
I rebooted hub but no change.

Dont really want to set anything as of yet but any suggestions would be helpful.

Side note this is at remote location so i would have to drive to physically repair or re pair devices.

I had ecobee interpretation removed that.
I have just rules and 2 simple wall plugs and i cant control them now.

It sounds like you may need to perform a Soft Reset, but I wouldn't recommend doing so remotely. You could probably check the Logs / past Logs to identify what caused the cpu overload. If you cannot figure out, send me a private message and we will take a look at your hub's engineering logs.


How do i perform soft reset?
And thank you for your reply!

(apologies @kahn-hubitat, did not mean to ninja you! :ninja: )


do you have a recentg backup to restore if

goto hubip:8081 have the hub mac address ready..
choose soft reset.. it will make you put in the mac address.
after it comes back up restore your backup


ZigBee network is not online is error im getting now. I am working and havent been to hub to do soft reset yet. Is this still something i should do or is there something else goinf on?

Yes. Are there any errors in the past logs?

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Try disabling the zigbee network from settings, then re-enable it, that usually fixes it. Zigbee is the first to go when the hub is under severe stress.
If after you do not do a soft reset, the overload could occur again


Thank u for that. Im going try that but this really is a bug in the system if this is a common issue.
I have one in my house and one and my son's house. So this is my third hub and ive never had any issues with other ones.

This hub has 2 zigbee switchs and ecobee thermostats. The ecobee is the only thing the others dont have.

The hub shouldn't be "under stress!"

It isn't just the number of devices and apps that can result in a hub being under "stress". How reliable is the power at the location the hub is in? Have there been any sudden outages? Do any of the neighbors have strong WiFi networks whose channel overlaps the zigbee channel your hub is configured to use?

So here is the deal. We had a sudden power outage about 2 weeks ago. This has been working since then.

There are no wifi connections in the area. We actually have wifi but it is on other Wi-Fi channel.

So are you saying that if we lose power this will have to do a soft rest everytime?

This hub is incredible but I dont want to have to be resetting it all the time.

Yes .. power outages can corrupt the database. You should have it on same sort of ups

Do you have a backup prior to the outage.

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No, but there is a chance that if the hard drive is being written to, and the power goes out, you could have corruption. It isn't a guarantee that it will happen every time.

I have had a few power outages and never had corruption that I am aware of. But others seem to have it every time the power blips. Maybe it is what and/or how many things are writing to the drive at the time the power goes out? Who knows. While I do have hundreds of devices, and about as many rules, my hub is pretty lean. So maybe that goes in my favor?

A UPS can help prevent issues, especially if where you live is prone to regular power outages.