Hub Status During Power Outage

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Hopefully a couple simple questions. I currently have a power outage at my home and I am at work. I can pull up my Dashboard from the cloud and it looks normal but obviously I get the little hourglass when I click on a controllable device.

  1. Is it possible to have a tile that lets me know if the hub is online or not?
  2. Is it possible to have a rule or something in the cloud to notify me the hub went offline? I realize it can't be executed locally if the power is removed from the hub, but then again nothing can.


#1 is possible if you have a mains powered device that switches to battery when power is removed (Ring Extender Gen2 is good for this) - Attribute Tile looking at powerSource.

#2 is a little more problematic in that all rules run local, so if you lose connection there is no way to send an update (also impacts whether you see #1).

I have my hub, router and modem on UPS’s which #1 buys me some time, and #2 allows for your scenarios above.


Ahhh ok, so get a couple small UPS's to keep the hub alive (and my modem/wifi) to be able to run the rules and give me the information I need. I will have to have a look into this, luckily my modem already has a built in battery back up, Home Hub 3000. Just have to figure out the mesh wifi and the Hubitat.


You're lucky. Our broadband drops when we lose power.

Yep, we are lucky. Just need a way to power a couple other items so I can have a little bit of wifi for a short time to monitor and control.

i use an apc smart ups smt 1500 with the netcard in the back and a driver i wrote for notifications and shutdown

Oh wow, thats a nice option!!! Some are really expensive though

After my power outage this morning a lot of my zigbee sensors are in stuck state. no temp change and some has motion active when their is none. My gf is home now (I am at work) and she performed a reboot through the webpage to no avail. Should I power cycle? Is this different then a reboot?

you can get a used one on ebay for around 100 .. and buy the batteries for around 60.. still expensive but under 100.. make sure it is the smt model with the slot in the back for the net card..

are you sure it rebooted.. that should have fixed it .. is it a c7.. did the light go blue then green.

could there have been power surges that fried sensors or the hub etc.

UPSes to maintain whatever you can among Hubitat, ISP gateway and your LAN in the event of a power failure is totally worth it, in my book.

There are a few ways to get notified locally or remotely when the hub is on UPS power.

The power outage may have lasted long enough that they went into a bit of a panic mode when the normal repeaters (assuming you have plugged/wired in zigbee devices too) went down.

Taking the battery out briefly from each device should help.

The sensors are battery powered, so they will be safe. I wasn't home at the time of reboot, but I did see the Exclamation point show up on the Dashboard while she was rebooting. I will have to have a better look tonight.

this is the dashboard for the apc smart ups using the driver i wrote..

good luck on getting stuff working again.


Yep, definitely going to look into a UPS or two. The power outage was 3 hours, so I would assume that is plenty long for the devices to panic, lol. I have quite a few Zigbee plugs scatter about.

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I recently got a pretty nice cyberpower UPS with a rackmount for a couple servers, switches and router. A network card for the UPS is a nice option and opens up a few ways to integrate with Hubitat directly. My hub is actually powered by PoE (with a splitter) from one of the switches.

If your hub came back online and the plugs had power restored, the zigbee mesh should fix itself at some point.

But any stuck sensors will probably refresh sooner if you pop the battery out and back in as I mentioned.

Ok, thanks. I have about 3 hours before i get home, maybe i'll get lucky and it will be fixed when I arrive :joy:

Must admit folks, I get a lot of quick, good feedback here. I was a ST user for several years, and their support, well, just is non existent. I am a tinkerer, and Hubitat is awesome!


Any chance you can share the driver? I have the same APC smt 1500.

here is the cheapest i can currently find the type of ups i am using

APC Smart-UPS 1500 SMT1500 1500VA 120 UPS Battery Backup UPS No Battery | eBay

Mighty Max 12V 18Ah Replaces RBC7 SU1400 SUA1500 SU700 APC Cartridge - 2 Pack 730052598421 | eBay

APC AP9631 UPS Network Management Card 5054484148784 | eBay

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you need to have the netcard installed in the back and configured with an ip address

it is on github/hubitat package manager

and here

APC SmartUPS Status Device - Support / Devices - Hubitat


Wow, those prices are not too bad at all actually. Unfortunately they dont ship to Canada :frowning: