Hub Stats: When is "Busy" too Busy

When I look at my device/app stats of either of my hubs the total device/apps busy is always very low (1%-2%) . That said, looking at the stats for an individual device/app I sometimes see huge numbers (i.e Wemo Connect 47%, iotawat_parent 26%). Given that the overall total is so low do high numbers of individual numbers even matter? At what point should I be concerned about the total usage? In other words, when the total exceeds n%

My general rule, if the hub isn't "busy", and everything is running smoothly then the numbers don't matter, i.e. 47% of 1% is 0.47%. Now if your hub is consistently sitting at 75% busy or more, then maybe we start looking to see what we can do to free up some resources.


Wow, I have never seen those numbers on either hub.
The reason for my questions is that I run some apps on one hub which communicate with devices on the other (Hub Mesh, MakerApi) but when I see busy number so low I wonder why I bother.

Free memory is the number I pay attention to. The only time I have seen cpu usage spikes is when free memory is too low.

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