Hub seems to be dead after 2 weeks

Used the settings menu to do a safe reboot. Hub was stuck with a blue light and the webpage wouldn't load. After waiting long enough I pulled the plug and tried to reboot it, only it won't power on at all now. I've tried different wall outlets, power adapters, and cables, can't get it to boot up.

Any ideas?

I would contact to see what advice they have to offer. You've already done all of the obvious troubleshooting steps.


How long does support usually take to respond? I still haven't received a response, and don't really want to have to return this :confused:

If you emailed support from the same address used to register, then you should've received an automated response from their ticketing system almost immediately.

If you didn't get a ticket number, check the email address used.

Tagging @bobbyD


Bobby replied and is helping me to receive a new hub, I appreciate all the help!