Hub running, can't connect

Tonight we lost our wifi network for about 5 mins, no power loss just wifi. I wasn't able to log into the hub during the outage nor after the wifi came back from my computer, however I can log onto the hub via my phone app.

The IP address has not changed, it's reserved and confirmed via the phone app. I am able to find the hub via [] url but still can't log in, again confirmed IP hasn't changed

I used my phone to reboot the hub and also did a power down, pulled the plug from the wall, still can't access it

The hub is operational as automations are working

C3 running current FW
I have a backup from 5/13

So what are next steps? I emailed support, wanted to reach out here as well

What happens when you try http://IP do you get a login prompt or a browser error? And what happens when you try http://IP:8081 ?

Sorry, should have provided that info, http:ip, http:ip:8081 and all give the same results

Unplug the Ethernet cord, and plug it back in again.

Or replace it if you have a spare. Yes, cables DO go bad occasionally. I know from experience.

TY @aaiyar that worked :slight_smile: