Hub/RM issues

I have about 60 devices, a third of which are virtuals. Sitting at around 40 rules total, with only one repeating constantly (checking for a single condition every 5sec). I recently started getting some latency issues, which I figured were attributable to Webcore. I uninstalled webcore and moved automations over to RM. Latency has gotten MUCH worse, mainly as it pertains to Hubitat-native functions (primarily HSM Disarms, and Notifications). In particular, I have a rule which triggers on a presence change, and opens the door. The disarm command is first, with the open command after. For the last several days, it will hang up on the disarm command for approximately 30sec, but still execute the garage open, resulting in the alarm triggering. Another rule which disarms reacts to a door contact opening (unrelated to the garage rule), and I regularly wait a solid 30sec before the disarm is executed after trigger. After the last garage door alarm, I checked my logs and noted that it took 29 seconds from the time my presence triggered the rule until the alarm went off due to the garage being open while armed (meaning that, despite the disarm being the first in the list, it was executed almost 30 seconds AFTER commands which came after).

I have no custom Apps or Drivers aside from Konnected, which I've had since day 1 without issues. All rules dealing with HSM or button/switch commands have check conditions for if the device is already that condition, to prevent any duplicative commands on the hub. What gives? This is beyond frustrating.

You should contact with your logs. They will help you determine what's slowing down your hub. Tagging @bobbyD.

If I had to take a guess.. It’s something to do with the rule that is running every 5 seconds..


Sorry for the troubles. I understand your frustration. Was looking at your screenshots that you have posted on Facebook. If you didn't do so already, please send an email to Also, if you don't mind, could you please post those screenshots here too?

I just wrote this in another part of the forum. Since it's appropriate, I'm copying to here as well:

I have been having slowdowns as well. It appears that many others are having slowdowns as well.

I know objectively that I'm having a slowdown, because I use Hub WatchDog App.

I have tried rebooting on occasion, and I have tried soft reset. These "bandaids" work although perhaps only on a temporary basis.
Just like you, I'm a member of the "Hubitat Frustration Club".

Right now, I'm considering HubConnect. Why not? It's less than the cost of 2 switches, and it just might work (others here have reported good results). I even have a spare Hub that I purchased last year, so I can just take it out of a drawer to get started.

I don't want to do this, but I really want to escape the "Hubitat Frustration Club"!