Hub Restart Notification

I have looked at the Hubitat Notifications application, but it only seems to notify you about "devices". I would like a notification when the Hubitat hub starts up (restarts). I would like to use this rather than implementing some form of controlled shutdown notification. Anyone know of a way to do this?

There is a system start event from the hub that can be subscribed to


Here is the RM rule that use to be notified


Not wanting another app on my phone that steals all of my personal information, and not wanting another app to receive messages, I do not want to use the Hubitat Mobile app or the Pushover app. I have created a Twilio account and will try that.

Thank you.

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Just a couple comments:

  1. There are 2 or 3 community integrations that will permit you to send SMS notifications via your cell providers email2sms gateway.
  1. Regarding the Hubitat mobile app - I don't think Hubitat harvests/stores/uses/sells private data (although @bobbyD or @bravenel can confirm that). Just want to mention that you'll need the mobile app if you want to use Z-wave SmartStart.

FWIW, I don’t believe that concern applies to either pushover or the Hubitat app.


Hubitat captures zero data from our mobile app. The mobile app doesn't send any location data, unlike every other app that supports geofence functionality. All our mobile app sends is the event of crossing the geofence, not where the phone is. If you don't want to send notifications to our mobile app, you don't have to use that feature, although it is available. When you use our mobile app to display a Dashboard, while the data to accomplish that is flowing through our cloud when your phone is away from home, we do not capture, intercept, store or otherwise do anything with this data other than transmit it between your hub and your mobile device. When your mobile device is at home, your Dashboards communicate directly with the hub, not connecting to our cloud.


If I am using Rule Machine to perform the Notification, using the syntax
"Notify Twilo-Text: 'hub has restarted'" does the Notifications app need to be installed? That is, does the Rule Machine "notify" command use the Notifications app?

No, it uses a notification device that you select. Such as, mobile device, Pushover, etc.

RM can do anything that Notifier can do. Notifier is easier to setup, but can't do as much.

My (limited) understanding of using this app. based in part, on reading other postings, is that this app is completely un-secure and sends your email address and password in unencrypted form. Therefore, I do not consider this app of much benefit.

The integration you’ve linked to (by @kahn-hubitat) does use unencrypted telnet.

However, one would typically you use it (or the other two integrations by @erktrek that are linked above) to send email to an SMTP server within your local network, which then uses ESMTP+TLS to forward it to the desired destination server. So the plaintext transmission is strictly within the local network, and not outside of it.

This, off course, relies on your local network not being compromised. If that isn’t true, an unencrypted local email would be the least of ones issues.


And you can create a unique account just for the purpose of reaching the sendmail service further reducing exposure in case of breach.

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Yes - this is exactly what I do. Thank you for pointing it out!