Hub reset itself many times

Hello, my hub reset itself and I dont know why.
Can help me please?.

I have shelly as roller 23 devices.
I have shelly switch 1 device.
Zwave pir motiuon sensor, 1 device.
Aqara switch, 1 device.
1 Virtual thermostat.
0 rules machine executing.

All shelly are configures refresh at highest time.


Any errors in your logs?

Is it possible that the hub is overheating?

Is the hub on a stable, reliable power source? Is it possible you’re power is “blipping”?

If neither of the above, you could try a different USB Power Supply. Just make sure it is rated for 5VDC and at least 1 Amp.

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I dont see errors.

Overheating... too hot?, I dont know, I touch and it dont seem to be heat.

I use the original power supply, I can change it and test with other.


Do you have a C4 or a C5?

I've read other posts the suggest the C5 input power connector is very fragile.
You might very gently move the input power connector to see if it is loose and if you hub reboots due to the movement.

My C4 is sitting on top of a tall bookcase, the temp sits at just about human body temp.

Be sure to perform a shutdown from system menu first. I have had other devices where the power supply was failing and causing issues. Also make sure that the micro USB connector is in securely. Don’t push or wiggle it too hard otherwise you could break the connector on the main PCB. Good luck

What is c4 or c5??

Mine is a C4. When I measure it with an IR thermometer its ~ 94 °F. So unless your hub is wrapped in foam its unlikely to reset due to overheat. That is unless something is terribly wrong in the hub.

Ok I see it

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Hardware Version

Rev C-5

Finally after many test the problem was the usb charger, I have change it and all works fine.

Lot of thanks