Hub Received - Some Initial Challenges - CUJO Firewall an issue?

So I received the Hubitat hub today and I set it up in my test lab for evaluation. I connected power, ethernet cable, the USB radio stick etc. Some initial observations ,

  1. Not sure if this was pointed out earlier.. But the USB ports on the hub are inverted, as compared to the stick. Not a big deal, but this forces the LED light on the USB stick to be pointed down and so I have to place the hub inverted to see what the radio LED is indicating.
  2. There was no documentation in the Quick Start Guide that gave a summary of what the LED light on the USB stick means. As an installer, the first thing I look at is whether the light is "Green". Not sure if the USB stick has LED colors that mean anything or not, but its the first visual confirmation.
  3. Just like #2, not sure if the LED light on the HUB itself indicates anything. I have it on solid blue - Not sure if it has other colors (I never got the hub to work tonight so I dont know)

Those were some minor observations as soon as I opened the box., but the bigger problem is that I could not get the hub to work as yet. I already sent a mail to support, but since it is outside of working hours, I have to wait until tomorrow to see what they have to say.
I could login to the portal and even see the hub, but when I clicked on "Regiser Hub", it takes me to "This page does not exist". I do have a hardware firewall (CUJO), that is also my DHCP server. Not sure if that has anything to do with it... I hope not.. because I dont think I will reset my DHCP server to the AT&T router, especially when I have so many devices configured with static IP. I have 350+ devices in my home (I am counting every single smart device)... and a lot of them are IP devices. Moreover CUJO provides some level of protection , so I would not want to remove it anyway.

My demo ST hub is on the same ethernet switch as the Hubitat hub. So is the computer that I used to connect to the hub. ST works fine and is able to find other LAN devices like Philips Hue.

I am hoping that we will be able to find a solution soon , but did anyone else run into similar issues. I already restarted the Hubitat hub etc... it did not help.

Ignore the USB Stick LED other than on, which tells you the USB port has power.

The Hubitat LED has two colors - blue = booted/booting; Red = Shutdown, ready to have power removed.

After Registering the hub, you get a working link to your hub. I cannot explain it but it takes a really long time, as if a human has to see your registration and click a button. Til the registration is complete, the.only link on the page fails.

I’ve registered my hub twice and both times I was convinced I had hosed it, it took so long.

You can browse to your hub on port 8081 and get a page. It doesn’t do anything except tell you the hub is alive and working (at waiting for registration.)

Support will come back and tell you they don’t see your hub (if Cujo is blocking.)


Thanks for clarifying, I hope its just that and eventually I will be able to see it. The registration process definitely needs to be streamlined.

OK, The radio stick it is a NORTEK USB stick that provides capability for the application to control the LED. I think Hubitat should consider using this LED to indicate certain things like the hub is in inclusion mode, exclusion mode, when it adds a device successfully or fails etc. Even if that can be indicated by changing the frequency of blinking. Its good to have a visual confirmation. ST Hub has that and it is really helpful.. especially when I have so many devices, it sometimes takes a while for a new device to get added,... A visual indication can help me know what the hub is trying to do. This is just a feedback... I am sure Hubitat developers have thought of reasons why the LED function is not important or is a priority for later... I do not know if the LED on the hub itself already does that.... if it does... then my comments can be ignored.

Other than that... Cannot wait for the hub to be up and running and play around with it.


@ashutosh1982 I have a Cujo too and have not faced any issues with Hubitat yet.
But it may be worth noting that at the time when I registered Hubitat for the first time, Cujo wasn't functional on my network.

You mean you added CUJO after adding/registering the Hubitat hub?

Yes, that is correct.
I installed my Cujo a few weeks after Hubitat was setup. But since then, I never seen the two report any incompatibilities.

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Thats good news... If thats the case then I am sure it seems like its just a matter of waiting for the registration to be completed.

I only wish if they had specified in "Getting Started" guide that the registration process can take from a few minutes to a few hours, then I would know what to expect. All it says is "Wait for the registration to complete. You will then be taken to your Hubitat Elevation Web Interface".

Personally, I would MUCH rather see minimotes work for Inclusion/Exclusion while on the network.

Minimote is an alternate option, but the hub should come with built in features. An average user does not even understand the inclusion/exclusion process very well and the fact that something like a minimote can be used for inclusion of a device can be far fetched for them. I have customers who dont even k ow what zwave/zigbee means.. and they dont care as long as it works. :slight_smile:

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It does now, Inclusion you get the device popped up on the page, Exclusion as of the latest hub firmware is available in the live logging.

I agree that a light indicator would be nice, whether on the stick, or the hub itself. Especially for this use case.

Please email support on this, they will work to get you sorted in short order.

Working with bobby right now... hopefully it will be up and running in a few minutes now.

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So the problem indeed was CUJO. I called CUJO support and they said that during initial registration process CUJO can be blocking. So they asked me to temporarily change the DHCP server to the AT&T router and then register the hub, which I did and it worked.

Even that was not straight forward because the Hubitat portal was not updating the local IP automatically. I had to identify the new IP from the router and then just substituted it in the link with the old IP. I have the hub registered now.

Fortunately CUJO saves all my network configuration and once I move back, everything should be like it was before. I am going to now move everything back to CUJO and I hope that it will not be a problem.

Thanks @bobbyD for support.


Update: Moved back to CUJO and Hubitat is still working. My other devices however have gone down, had to restart some of them to bring them back online. Mostly will have to restart everything again to get it all back to normal.

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