Hub rebooted itself at 6:35am


My hub rebooted itself at 6:35am this morning after the 1.1.4 update last night.

Is anything new for refreshing the hub so it will reboot itself or this was an error?

I looked the past logs and no errors found, I see logs jumps from 6:32am to 6:35am eastern time.


Another reboot last night?

I just want to know if this is on purpose or something is wrong, last night did not happen but the first reboot reported caused all my presence sensors (4 ST v2 and 2 Iris fobs) go not present then present, if this will happen I can't setup some automations based on presence.

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You should tag @bobbyD on this one so he can look at your logs. :sunglasses:

Could you have had a power glitch?

No Sir, I have my system on a battery backup, including the network switch, router and modem.

That means this is not supposed to happen every night, I will look further.


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A power glitch is a power glitch, battery backup or not. A spike in the voltage can cause a system to reboot, and has nothing to do with the battery backup kicking in. Surge protectors do not dampen every spike or voltage fluctuation.

There is nothing in the 1.1.4 build that is related to this happening.

Chasing this one is like chasing a ghost. How would you know what actually happened? I think it's a reasonable plan to see if support can see anything in your system logs...

I know, my backup is an always online, no glitch will go thru it without notice, I will leave logs open, I know the only error I have is related to my zooz siren, but HE has no driver for generic sirens, I used the generic switch, Dome Siren and a ported driver from ST build for this siren, all gave me the same error on the log.

Thanks for letting me know the hub should not reboot itself, now I can look something else and talk with support.

Edit: This is the only error I have in all my logs:

Does it keep logs? How do you know this? What about under voltage?

Probably the best way to know for sure would be to have your battery backup reporting to another logging destination (e.g. Pi, MacMini, etc). Then you could be sure it was functioning correctly when an event such as a reboot occurs. Sag and Spike suppression differ between vendors and that function may not be operating correctly due to previous spike/sag incidents.

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An always online battery backup uses the internal components to power the devices connected to it and the power entering to the backup is isolated, the other thing is after this kind of backup is I have an AVR, not needed because the backup already has AVR plus pure sine wave but I have multiple small power supplies, like the one for HE, and the protected outlets for the backup were near each other so instead using a dumb multi outlet extension cord I spend a little more and got an AVR. Yes, the backup keeps logs.

Anyway, I will wait another one or 2 nights more, I will compare the hub logs and the backup logs if the problem persists after today.

My new job, same company, different task, was delayed to Monday, so I have time to watch everything in the house.


Got an old clock? Plug into UPS, if it is losing power, the clock will be show the amount of time it was out of power.


Good idea, thanks

Reporting about this, the hub after some modification did not rebooted itself, it was a power issue, apparently the OEM power supply did not make good contact with the box, if you moved the cable a little the hub will restart, I have the hub in the wall and I have an air conditioner vent near so I think the air moved the cable until the box restarted, doing a small mod to the connector solved the problem, now you can move the cable and the hub will not notice.