Hub reboot while repeating actions

I created a custom irrigation setup in rule machine. It waters for a set number of minutes and then repeats the cycle based on the season using the Repeat x times every y hours action. Today I updated my hub while the cycle was running ("Repeat (1) times every 01:00:00"). I went outside later to find my yard flooded. During the winter it's set to only run once every 7 days and the repeat cycle is only 1. I would expect that when the hub came back up that the repeat would happen only once and then stop. It was instead on an endless repeat cycle.

I have a rule that performs certain actions after a power outage or reboot. I added a step to stop any repeating actions, but I have not tested that yet.

I was wondering if anybody else had run into any similar situations with repeating actions after a reboot and what they did to correct it. Or is this a bug?

This is what I was going to suggest. Since you have done it already perhaps you should post a copy of your rule. Maybe someone will have a suggestion on how to account for that better.

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Yup! Mine was an inside plant irrigation system. Fortunately I have a water leak sensor underneath the irrigation area and my repeat rule shuts off if the water leak sensor detects water. But the first time it happened I did the same thing you did - my startup rule shuts down the irrigation switch that's part of the WHILE and also cancels repeat actions.

Maybe add a trigger for system startup.

Location event: systemStart

Then if the trigger is system startup, is not at the correct start time, turn off everything and exit the rule.

It's probably not repeating it just was stopped with the water on and nothing to turn off because the rule was stopped once the hub rebooted.

No. It actually was repeating. I had to manually stop it. The Run Actions statements in my rule call another rule that writes out the zone and time to a Google sheet. It recorded several cycles.

Thanks for the suggestions. I also added the valve shutoff commands to my System Startup rule. I think that should cover any scenario.

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