Hub reboot requires bulb reboot

After routine reboots to my hub for updates, 2 bulbs require a reboot to be functional again. It's a very minor issue that I don't mind doing, but I'm curious if there is a solution to this. None of the other bulbs I own have this behavior. The two impacted are Sengled E11-N13A (the extra bright ones). Other Sengled (normal brightness) bulbs don't do this.

Any ideas?

Anyone ever create an automation that tests all devices after a reboot or a change to confirm they respond? It would be nice to have a 'ping' test so I can go reboot offline devices.

Hmmm... How long have you waited before testing a bulb? I mean, if you wait a half hour does it come back?

The lights are in my garage. I'm pretty sure I've gone back days later to find them not working, but I'll try to pay more attention.

It may be a weak mesh issue.. Sengled bulbs don't repeat. Putting a repeater in the garage against the house wall may help with that.

There is a plug module in the garage just for that reason. The bulbs seemed fine before the plug, but the button I installed didn't reach at all.

.. Now you have me wondering if the plug is functional after the reboot. I'll give that a try next time.

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If you look at your zigbee routing table, you should be able to see if it's on and repeating

look at http://hubitat.local/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo

Yep, it's in the table. Although, one of the bulbs isn't using it at the moment.

Shut down the hub from the settings menu. Unplug power to the hub (at the wall not the hub) for 30 minutes. This will throw all your zigbee devices into panic mode. Power back up. They will establish more optimal routes over the course of the day. See if that helps you in the long run.

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