Hub Protect subscription status

Hub Protect subscription status Pending Cancellation.
When signing up 3rd hub the multi-hub code didn’t apply. Need to cancel subscription and re subscribe with the multiple hub discount.
Ref: Subscription #300200

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Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund, so if we cancel the service, you will need to pay again at discounted price. Instead, I can re-activate your subscription and apply the multi-hub discount going forward. It is unfortunate that you had missed applying the discount on your order. For others who might be following this topic, please be sure the code is applied before submitting the payment.

Great. Re-activate my subscription and apply the multi-hub discount.

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Done! Thank you for using Hub Protect.

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I have a "Pending Cancellation" for "Hub Protect" just sitting on my account and an "Active" subscription for the same Hub. I must have messed up and activated a new subscription while my prior one was being extended. I want the Pending one to go away and keep the Active one valid. Please help.

Could you please send me a private message with a screenshot of what you see along with your hub and account details?

Sent images (I hope)

Thank you for the details. Looks like the payment on the subscription from 2021 failed, and because the payment was missed, the service was suspended on May 28 and later cancelled. Then on May 29th you subscribed again and that is the active service you see. I cancelled the 2021 service effective today, so you should see one subscription cancelled and one active now.

I refreshed page and it now shows cancelled. Thank you.

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