Hub Protect - Migration from C-5 to C-7 is working so far

So far migration of my C-5 to C-7 using Hub Protect migrate is working fine.
Note: My C-7 IP address was not the same as my C-5.

Zigbee pairing challenges:

  • I did rediscover my Chromecast devices just to make sure.

  • Hubitat Elevation - Make sure to pick your new Hub device on your mobile device.

  • Had to disable and re-enable my Hubigraphs API to reconnect with the new IP.

  • Google Home (Mobile App) (Go to Settings -Works with Google)- Removed Hubitat and rediscovered my C-7.
    Next- Re-add devices to the Google Home mobile app main screen.

  • Hubitat settings (Location & Modes). Check your location name to make sure that is correct. Migration named my hub C-5(new).

Thank you Hubitat Team!!


Day 2:
Lost some Zigbee devices and had to rejoin them. Working Now.
Follow me (BPTWorld App) - Some google speakers were missing in the Speech Synthesis Speaker setting. Added speakers to their missing locations. Not sure how these were missing. Working now.

Day 3:
Everything is working so far. Wife said this morning the Front door locked & unlocked 3 times. Log does not reflect that. Created a notification to my phone whenever the lock changes state.

I'm about to go through this myself.
Haven't looked at any documentation but I would assume the follow process:

  1. connect my new c-7 hub to my network.
  2. Backup my c-5 to cloud
  3. Restore to my c-7 from the cloud

My question is basically is do i leave both hubs up or after I do my restore do I shut down my C-5?

Follow these instructions from Hubitat: Hub Protect - Hubitat Documentation.

Once you are done. Then if you wish, check the items I've have in bullets.

This would be appropriate.