Hub Protect Migration C4 to C7?

I couldn't get an answer through search so posting here: can the new Hub Protect plan enable device (Zwave/Zigbee/Wifi/etc) migration from a C4 hub to the latest hub?

The C-4 uses that external ZWave radio stick. Different interface to the internals and thus not covered by the Protection offering. (Same with those of us with a C-3.)

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Does that also apply to us EU users of the C5? We have an external Z-Wave radio stick.
I really hope not...

It would depend on the manufacturer of the Stick. The Nortek brand that came with all those original C-3's and C-4's have some protection feature coded in. Aeon/Aeotec by contrast, publishes a Backup tool... so it's theoretically possible to at least read out the DB. The Nortek code prevents reading it out, if I'm remembering correctly. :slight_smile:

I think for EU, there's a Nortek stick, but it's used only for Zigbee.. so it's the other stick, the ZWave one that is dependent on the manufacturer choices.

@bravenel or @bcopeland Could you please let me know if a C7 can be migrated from my EU C5 via the protection plan?

EDIT Oh, so it might be oh-the-ZigBee that uses the stick and Z-Wave are internal...

No, it's other way around. For an EU C-5, the zigbee radio is internal, while the z-wave radio is an external USB dongle.

As I understand it, an external USB z-wave radio cannot be migrated using Hub Protect.


Most of the z-wave sticks don't support the backup.. Can you snap a picture of which stick you have ?

Sure, its the Hubitat one. :slight_smile:

Yea.. that one is not compatible unfortunately..

Most of the sticks that were used didn't support exporting the nvram..

So I have been waiting for the protection plan and hold off the C7 for nothing. :slight_smile:
I think that maybe HE should have mention (disclaimer) this when talking about the migration from C5 to C7 via the protection plan.

I think I saw a post a while ago for best practice when moving form a C5 to a C7. Guess I have to look for that post again...