Hub Protect issues

I just signed up for Hub Protect on my C5 and all went well until I tried a cloud backup. When I Press Cloud Backup under settings>Backup and Restore, I get a popup tile that says Subscribe-add cloud backup and migration to your Hub. I just subscribed and was charged for the subscription but I can't make a cloud backup. Please Help.

What platform are you on?

Reboot your hub.

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I thought about that, but I was reluctant to do so. I will give it a try.

Settings, reboot. There shouldn’t be any hesitance. Now, don’t use a power plug reboot - that could corrupt the database.


It seems to be working now. Thanks. This doesn't give me a warm fuzzy about migrating to my new C7.


Nah this happened to me as well. It was just a matter of the hub recognizing the subscription by checking into the cloud service. Or something like that. I've done plenty of restores since then. NOt had an issue.


I am trying to setup the C7 and now I am getting a database is corrupt message. I rebooted the hub and the same thing. Not looking good. About what I expected. Nothing ever works as planned.

They recommend a backup, soft reset and reupload of the database before transition in the manual I believe. This will clear any corruption of the database. prior to moving everything.

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I have completed the migration and I am still checking things out. Wish me luck.