Hub Protect Cancellation

I really need someone from Hubitat to respond to my support requests. I cancelled my Hub Protect months ago, have sold my home with the home automation, and I cannot de-register the hub so that the new owner can take it over because you are letting my Hub Protect subscription run out.

I understand that you think this is a feature/benefit of the service, but not allowing us the ability to change admins or de-register hubs is more like holding our device hostage. There should be a way to override -- if necessary -- because there are cases where a user may still want to change and admin account or de-register the hub even though they have (or had) the Hub Protect service.

At this point I don't care about the time that is left on the subscription. The home is sold, and the equipment was sold with it. I do not plan on picking up another Hubitat device at this time. I just want to be able to de-register my old hub from my account.


Thanks for reaching out. I see that you have created a subscription case at, yesterday. It usually takes at least 24 hours for someone to respond, so your case should be addressed by the end of the day.

Regarding the inability to change admin accounts while the service is still active, it is actually a protective measure to avoid unexpected future charges. Replacing the admin doesn't terminate the subscription, thus the service will renew using the old account. If the admin is changed, then the user may accidently subscribe to the service again, under the new admin account. This leads to dual charges for the same service, which used to be the most common incident reported, before we decided to disallow admin replacements while the service was active.

I'd also sent a message to the support email address, which was referenced in other parts of the site and documentation, only to find that it is basically a blackhole and unmonitored. If you are not going to monitor it, then why even publish it and let people send to it?

Could you please point me to where it is referenced? As you may have noticed in the automated reply, the support email is no longer monitored.

Because the auto reply contains the critical information needed to reach our support staff.

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Yes, let me see if I can find the URL again that had a link to the support@ email address.

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Thank you. Also, see my private message. I resolved your case since I was looking at your account.