Hub problems, replaced with new, backups not installing correctly

I have had my first hub running over a year. Something happened, and it's being very difficult to get going again. I had bought and additional two hubs awhile back, joined a second one on network all was fine till few days ago. Seems my master hub has had something really go wrong with it. I did have backups which i downloaded and installed a new out of the box hub.

Registered it, upgraded, then I upload the backup. I have my devices are back, and selected apps, unfortunately it did not backup drivers I added. That would be no problem but I am getting things like this.

When I go to the drivers tab, settings or the dashboard I get this:

Error 500

A Server error has occurred

When I go to system events I get this:
DataTables warning: table id=events-loc-table - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see

Anybody got any suggestions, I was hoping not to have to start from scratch.

It's not clear in your narrative that you Added the ZWave Devices to the ZWave radio.

If the original Hub had a removable USB stick, and you transferred that, then all the devices should be available.

However, if the original hub was using an internal Z-Radio, then you will have to Exclude/Include ZWave devices, and re-pair Zigbee devices onto the new internal radios.

Hub Elevate does not have usb stick.

You don't exactly start from scratch.. after Inclusion, Zigbee devices automagically restore themselves into your Automations. ZWave however, need to have the Automations edited to use the new Node IDs.

Some care in the naming can ease this..

You can rename all your ZWAVE devices now.. then add them back with the old name. Then as you go through the automations, pick the old name.

Oh I forgot, and I cant get to the settings tab, or drivers tab maybe its due to a driver in the drivers code not being there but that should not give me the 500 error on say the dashboard. Guess I need to do a hard reset. Then install driver code, then maybe try database restore.

Would have been nice if the backups kept any drivers added.

Never do a hard reset.

If your new hub is giving you the feeling it needs a reboot, do that. If it doesn't return like you're expecting, you can Soft Reset by first saving a brand new backup to your PC.

Backups do. Backups retail all Apps, Drivers, and Code. It includes all the settings for all those too.

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dont think a new backup will help. But I can try. When I said hard reset i would do from the diagnostics page.

Interesting when doing a soft reset it maybe doing it but saying error code 401

that's a login timeout item. Click logout at the bottom of the Diagnostic Menu and try again.

I have 6 hubs and it seems I'm doing a soft reset on one or more of my Development hubs once a week.. so the process is very familiar to me.

I see the 401 very often and just switch to another browser.

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correct, logged out, back in looks like its doing a soft reset

The Soft Reset will give you an "empty" looking Hub.

It's the Restore of the Backup that puts the Apps and Drivers back.

Again, the Backup does NOT restore the Z-Radio database.

Ok so after soft reset, I added back the driver for the temp/humidity/illuminance sensor from iharyadi I use. Restored the database. Same results. Internal server errors on pages:

Dashboards gives error 500

Devices page shows all devices, but if you click on a device you get:

deviceId was not found. java.sql.SQLException: A problem occurred while trying to acquire a cached PreparedStatement in a background thread.

The Page requested could not be found

Settings page:
Error 500

Guess I start from scratch...

Looking at past logs I see this:
2020-04-18 01:54:03.083 pm infoZigbee Discovery Stopped

sys:12020-04-18 01:53:03.070 pm infoZigbee Discovery Running

sys:12020-04-18 01:43:34.863 pm infoZ-Wave Discovery Running

sys:12020-04-18 01:40:21.514 pm infoZ-Wave Exclude Started for 30 Seconds

sys:12020-04-18 08:19:35.834 am infoZigbee Discovery Stopped

sys:12020-04-18 08:18:35.845 am infoZigbee Discovery Running

sys:12020-04-18 09:11:19.353 am errorError at point 184a6b Expired JWT

Ok so I decided to roll back to previous version, now its stuck at 10% just like the failed hub. So probably my original hub.

You can't just restore a backup to a new hub, that doesn't bring the real devices along with it. The devices are tied to the radios in the original hub. Each device must be rejoined to the new hub. This is why you are getting these errors. The devices in the restored database are not connected to the real devices. For Zigbee, the device can be reset, and then it will join as its restored self on the new hub. For Z-Wave devices, they have to be excluded and rejoined to the new hub. They will not have the same DNI on the new hub as the original, and this can be handled carefully for non-secure devices. But, from your description, you didn't do either of these steps, and that would explain the errors you are getting.

Also, drivers are part of the database, and would be restored along with everything else. So don't know what you mean by "did not backup drivers".

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Ok, maybe so. I have tried to go join a zigbee bulb which is close to me, did a reset to the bulb and started the zigbee search, it did not see it.
So since I will clear it with a factory reset. I will have to rejoin over 35 devices, and then maybe try restore to get the apps to work.

I have just done this entire process myself. There are certain steps to take. Factory reset is not one of them.

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I use :

It DID NOT put it in the backup.

I did a soft reset, re installed the driver.
Restored the backup.
All devices show, and also added apps, and all my rules.

Restoring a backup completely rewrites the database. So anything you "installed" before doing a restore will be lost or overwritten. It is not possible for the backup to not have every driver that you have installed on the original hub. So if the driver is there after the steps you list, then it is in the backup.