Hub Performance Issues + Multiple Functions No Longer Working

All of a sudden my hub has started developing issues communicating with devices, running scheduled routines, following the "auto off" settings on devices, and running rules. Nothing in particular changed but it seems like more failures are occurring each day.

At first I noticed that the auto-off setting on various devices was no longer triggering. The device would turn on and just stay on. No logging happens at this point.

Also, none of my Lutron Pico devices are working anymore. Lutron switches and lamp modules are still fine. The hub registers the button presses from the Pico remotes but nothing happens.

Now Rule Machine rules with schedules are failing to activate as well.

I tried updating to the latest platform version but that hasn't helped.

Is there anything I can do to try and look at what the issue might be? Nothing had been changed before these failures started occurring. Rebooting hasn't helped at all.

Is it mainly confined to a particular type of protocol - eg only zigbee devices etc? If so you could have congestion or noise on that band. I live in a fairly dense residential area and sometimes a neighbor will unexpectedly create radio noise.

Can you PM me your hub's id? I can check the engineering logs for clues.

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I've been having weird issues too. Was originally motion sensors and switches, but it seems to be spreading like a fricken virus. Problem is their is nothing in the logs, it's intermittent, and it moves to different devices.

Can you send me a PM with your hub's id? We can check the engineering logs for clues.

I noticed problems with all custom code checks for contains() a few days ago. Have since restored to an earlier platform and then back to the latest again and still the problems persisted.

After further digging today I’ve noticed that if I add a line of logging code after each contains() function it seems to correct the issue??? I’ll pm you my hub id @bobbyD

Got your PM. We checked your engineering logs and nothing jumps out to explain the problem you are having. Mind creating a new topic under Coding questions and provide more details on your specific issue?


Just sent my hub ID. Really appreciate you taking a look!

Got your PM and checked your hub. You are right when you say that there is nothing in the logs. It's nothing much in the engineering logs either. I see sporadic cloud connection drops, and that would interrupt communication with any cloud connected devices or services. Other than that, I don't see a systematic issue, so the problems you are having will need to be investigated on individual events when the app or device is not working as expected.


To close the loop on my original post, the database was corrupt. I wasn't sure because I didn't get an error message about it like I've seen from some other posts, but a soft reset and restore from backup resolved all issues.