Hub Not responding

Came home to no automation at all today. Couldn't access the HUB from browser either. Dashboard failed to load. I can go to http://HUBIP:8081 so the network is working fine. Made no changes to the HUB the past week.

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Update: So I pulled power to power cycled the hub. Looking at past logs, I see these two errors.

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Was the light red? RIP...

It'd be nice if the new app coming out had a heartbeat so we could know this stuff and toggle a WIFi switch to reboot it if it's dead. Then triage the problem later when you get home.

Nipe light was blue.

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Wow. so maybe it was overloaded.

I've put mine into overload loops trying to mess with changing a light color that I think ran away recursively in Rule Machine. The light stays blue and chrome acts like it sees the web server but it's so bogged down that it "can't even".

I think I will invest in a wifi plug so I can power cycle the hub remotely. As is now, i have to climb ontop of my kitchen counter to get to the hub ontop of my kitchen cabinet.


Just FYI, I use a Belkin WeMo plug to do this.

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Thanks for reminding me about wemo. Bought a wemo since I already have the wemo app to control the humidifier and heater.

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This sounds really familiar. I ended up getting the wemo outlet for this very reason. Never have needed it, since it stopped crashing.

I just had the same problem tonight.