Hub not registered?

I have a c5 hub. I was thinking of updating to new software but I noticed my hub is not registered? I have not been able to view dashboard when I'm not local. I use to sign in with my Gmail account. Can you help me fix this? Or maybe this is not a issue. I'm currently running

Please go to and click on "Migrate Social Media Account," then follow the on-screen instructions to create a Hubitat login. Once your login is created, connect to your hub then go to Hub Details from Settings, and click Register Hub.

I keep getting the following error. "Error occurred: Account not found or not a federated account"

Please send me a private message along with your hub's MAC and your email account and we will further investigate.

Thanks for the PM. I checked your hub and account. The good news is that the account has been migrated to Hubitat account back in 2019 (so is no longer using Google login), and the hub is registered with your account. The bad news, is that your hub is no longer connected to the cloud.

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