Hub network issues since last few updates

I have a C5 running I'm all of a sudden having trouble with my hub and cloud-based apps. Multiple apps can't seem to connect online so I don't think it's an issue with any apps:

The hub Network Test all passes though without trouble.

All of my non-smart home devices seem able to connect to the internet just fine, so I don;'t think it's a problem with my actual network. I have a Bark internet filtering device, but Ignore the Hubitat hub (and it hasn't caused a problem in the past...)

A hub reboot seems to fix the issue, but only temporarily - it keeps resurfacing. Any suggestions?

My hub is connected via Ethernet, with DHCP and auto reconnect every 60s (the auto connect is something I just tried recently once these problems arose, but it hasn't fixed them). I set a static IP for the hub with my router.

I'm wondering if there is another issue affecting connectivity... these look mildly suspect:

What are those two apps?


Hmm. Thanks, good catch. That could very well explain it. Those are my Gametime apps (I'm actually the developer of it), and the network issues coincide with the MLB season opening. Going to have to look into this.....

Now that's a smoking gun if I ever saw one!

Maybe get yourself a second hub and move that stuff off to it? At least then you can debug without affecting your home automation.

There's also this it seems from the native Bond integration. Does that strike you as a separate issue, the root to the java heap space issue, or the result of the java heap space issue?

I recently switched to the native Bond integration too, so its timing is also suspect.

Not sure but I think the process of elimination is your friend... try disabling the MLB stuff and see if the bond errors go away


I disabled the MLB stuff and am still getting errors across multiple other apps unfortunately...A lot of them are sharptools - anything look sharptools-specific to you @josh or does it look like a hub-wide issue?

It looks like your hub is having some core networking issues across multiple apps. Sometimes those kind of errors can be a canary in the coal mine for other issues though (eg. Hub load issues), so it may or may not be a literal networking issue.

Usually the first thing I do in that scenario is reboot the hub, wait several minutes for things to calm back down, then check fresh starting from that time forward.


I’ve overridden the DNS on both my router and the Habitat hub, but still having these same problems. Any suggestions on how to figure out the root problem without disabling everything (which would be a LOT to do). @bobbyD

Is tagging support like I did in the above post the best way to get staff to provide support? I visited the "Support" page, but that seems to just lead me back to the forum or read FAQs....The "Ask Anything" category sounds like it's not so much a tech support request category as it is a category for sales, warranty, subscription, etc.? With email support no longer provided, I'm a bit confused as to if or how to request support from hubitat staff, despite having been around this community for quite some time...The WAF is tanking quickly... :weary: