Hub Mesh Sync Device Label Option


Are you able to check if an option can be added to Hub Mesh to sync the Device Label from the device on the source hub?


See how the Device Name is grayed out, I would love an option where Device Label from the source hub is sync as well without appending the "on hub name" on the end? Anytime I add new devices to other hubs I'm basically filling out the Device Label on each out without the "on hub name" on the end, I would prefer an option to sync the Device Label exactly.

I think it's fine to keep the Device Name the way it is, just the label.


Device name is managed by Hub Mesh to reflect device's source. Label, on the other hand, is not syncronized and is editable on the target hub so that device can be tagged as something else locally.

Now, if that source device name would instead have source device label (if present) instead, that may be the best of both worlds. Thoughts?

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You have my vote for this and in fact this came up a few years ago after hub mesh was introduced:

I have had to manually edit all 230+ meshed devices on my “coordinator” hub which was a chore and then had to do it again when I upgraded that hub for a C4 to a C5. Believe you mentioned this was more complicated to implement so hopefully something changed to make this easier.

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That would work perfectly using your suggestion and solve for me having to rename a ton of devices when I add me Hub Mesh devices.

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