Hub mesh questions, rename devices, automations, etc

I'm moving my old hub to the detached garage now and already have hub mesh working but have a couple questions / best practices.

#1 Is there any way to rename linked devices so they don't show up as Deviceblahblah on Whateverhubname. That makes labels too long and hard to read on the dashboards. [EDIT] Looks like changing the Device Label on the linked hub changes the name on dashboards etc.

#2 I imagine it's best to keep automations on the hub that the device actually lives on, but is there any reason (besides a slight delay) not to use them in automations on the other hub?

No reason that rules canโ€™t span hubs if it simplifies things.


Gotcha. I wasn't sure if it would produce extra load or anything. I figure once I get the physical devices moved, I'll move the pertaining rules over to the garage hub too.

My plan is to keep my dashboards as is on the main hub though for simplicity.


As for your first question, yes - the devices can be renamed on the hub where it is meshed. The โ€œon Hubโ€ can be removed from the label on that hub.

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I have the same situation, I have a hub in my detached shop, which is about 100 yards behind my house. I have a wifi link out to the shop. I could keep the rules on my home hub, but if the link goes down then I lose access to my rules. So I keep rules for that hub on that hub.

That's a good point. .

I was wondering the same thing. It turns out the new linked device doesn't have a label, so you can use the label field to provide a shorter name, i.e., label the "Office Light Switch On The Other Hub" "Office Light Switch," and that's how it will be displayed everywhere on the linked hub.