Hub Mesh Problem

I have two HE, one C7 and one C8.
The C8 has the devices attached and the C7 uses hub mesh to connect to them and it also has webcore running on it.
Yesterday I moved both hubs on to a single Unifi switch, previously they were on different Unifi switches.
Since moving them together one of my devices is having problems. It is a z-wave aeotec home energy monitor v5. I can operate it via the C8 device driver but it doesn't respond via hub mesh when trying from the C7. In the C7 logs I am seeing regular hubmeshdisabled-true followed by hubmeshdisabled-false.
Logs are showing:

could not fetch device information from source hub

Anyone any ideas what the problem might be?

A restore of both hubs sorted things out. Something obviously got corrupted whilst moving things about.

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Is it just me or is the new C8 very unstable and unreliable? Stuff broke again for no apparent reason and a soft reset/restore resolved the problem again. The problem this time was again with the energy monitor and also a couple of other z-wave devices. Two sirens that seemed to be connected but wouldn't respond to commands. I have two ring alarm range extenders which seemed to recognise state changes so it wasn't a case that z-wave had just died but the commands to start the siren for instance just did nothing.
This is starting to become a to regular problem. Anyone any ideas what can possibly be causing database corruption or is the problem elsewhere?

C8 is very reliable and stable. Hell I've been using it since the beta with almost 200 devices.

A couple things can cause. Bad power supply, lockups in which you have to pull the power cord. Physical problem with the unit itself (rare). I would start with changing out to a known good power adapter and cord (any decent wallwart will do) then monitor things. Can you post your z-wave details page in it's entirety?

Thanks for the help. I just checked the power supply to the C8 and it is one I've used for other things in the past and have had doubts about. Swapped it out for a better one, will be interesting to see if that resolves the issues.
Thanks again.

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Oddly enough my zigbee device graph seems to be much quicker to populate than previously. Could a problem with low power to the hub also reduce the power to the zigbee/z-wave radios?
Out of interest what are the power requirements for a C8? I've just tested the supply I just swapped out and it was outputting 3.2v at 0.8A.

Low power to the hub can affect a lot of things. Radios, processing etc.

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Check this post, it sounds like you are having connectivity problems. We have had several reports related to Unifi devices:

If you are on the EA access unifi code I would suggest going back to stable.

Solution appears to be to go into the per-device settings in unifi, where you set the static IP, and force the virtual network as well. This assumes you are using multiple VLANs, which is common.

So I've replaced the below and still have the problem every two minutes, "Disabled through hub mesh" ...."Enabled through hub mesh". What now?

Power supply
USB cable
Network cable
Network Switch (none unifi)
^ On both C7 and C8

Thanks in advance