Hub Mesh Physical Off Not Triggering App (RM-Legacy or 5)

I have a GE/Jasco dimmer outlet and had it set to trigger a rule on "Physical off".

I had an Legacy Rule that wasn't working--so I created an identical RM-V rule app:



With the Legacy App "X" disabled so only the RM-V app was active, I turned the light off physically:

I can see in the logs where that is detected (shows physical off in the logs and device events--but there's nothing in the logs indicating the RM app should be triggering.

I tried many times with both the legacy and the new RM app--I'm never able to make this rule trigger from the "physical off" event.

This is a mesh-connected device. On the hub it connects to directly:

And on the hub with the apps the mesh-device shows:

From the RM-V app/rule:



Mesh connected devices don't report physical events such that this would work. Perhaps they should, not sure. Below you can see two events for a mesh connected device, and while the description text indicates what the type of the event was on the source hub, you can see that the actual event type is blank.

Interesting. Thanks.

Guess until they can do that--I need to look at alternatives.


Looking into it. This is going to get fixed, although the usual "no timeline promises" policy applies.


Event type should work right in hub mesh with and above.


W00t! Thanks! Works like a champ now! :slight_smile: