Hub Mesh Not Working

I've looked thru other topics and have done all the things WRT fixing the issue of my hubs not seeing each other. They still can't. Going to throw up a bunch of stuffs to see if anyone can help as 1 of my 2 hubs is effectively a brick.

I've been struggling with this for probably close to a year (note: I haven't been actively working on it the whole time... :sweat_smile:).

I have a C-5 and a C-7 hub. The C-5 is the primary b/c it just happens to be the one that works...

I have:

  • Changed the Communication Protocol in the mesh settings back and forth several times
  • Rebooted many many many times
  • Corrected some time differences on the hubs (one was set to a different timezone)
  • Tried wi-fi vs hardwire (everything is hardwired)
  • Have mucked with my network settings per other posts (running an Orbi setup, the Orbi is my router)
  • Updated both routers to the Latest version of the platform -
  • Other random things that I don't remember

The hub has all the apps + devices.

The bad apple.

ANY help would be amazing. :pray:t2:

Hubirat :rat:

Move 'em both to the same network.


They're on the same network...? (I'm NOT a network guy :sweat_smile:). I'm assuming you're talking about the IPs? How do I 'move them to the same network'?

In fairness there are many definitions of network. In this case I am suggesting they should both have IP addresses where the first three octets are the same. As in 192.168.1 or 10.0.0.

How to do it depends a lot on your network topology. Can you describe how your network is set up? I'm guessing off the top of my head you have a mesh network plugged into a router provided by your ISP, and that's created a situation called double-NATting. And that's your issue.

I'll do my best as I'm not sure what you're going to need... The TL;DR is it's very basic, no real configuration from my side. Basically PnP b/c that's the limit of my skills.

  • Comcast modem
  • Orbi direct from the modem
  • All my network config is in the Orbi system

What else can I provide?

Are both HEs plugged into one or more of the orbis? From the different IP addresses I'd assume one is plugged into an Orbi and another into the Comcast modem.

Is your orbi in bridge mode? Or literally just plug it in and let it go? (If you don't know, the answer is no :))

The good news is I have a pretty high level of confidence that this IS actually the issue with hub mesh not working.

We just need to be careful reconfiguring your network because re-IPing a network can really be a pain in the *** if not done carfefully.

Also... are your HEs physically close to each other or separated by a significant distance to provide coverage or whatever? The easiest solution may just be to plug both into the same switch, whichever switch they happen to sit near.


The C-5 (the one working) is plugged directly into the Orbi. The C-7 is plugged into a wall outlet that is connected to a switch in a closet that's connected to the Orbi. Nothing is plugged into the modem other than the main Orbi router.

Re: bridge mode, I may have made that change at one point trying to troubleshoot. Not sure if I've set it back or not. :flushed: Dug for Bridge Mode in my Orbi, looks like it is NOT on.

They are not physically close. I might have another switch to try this... (the only switch I have is in a low voltage wall panel).

My brain hurts from trying to figure this out. Wanna just call me?

Yes. BUT I'm on a call for another 30 mins. :slight_smile:

Stupid network topology issues. Thanks for the help, @brad5! Mesh is working.

Awesome! Glad it was that straightforward.

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