Hub Mesh not working since update to

4 hubs involved. Garage and Shop both have devices that share with Tonga and C7. Tonga also shares with C7 and C7 shares with Tonga. All hubs see other hubs meshed devices except Garages devices. When I go to Hub Mesh on Garage, it shows no other hubs on the network. I have rebooted Garage and saw no difference. This appears to have happened after updating all of them. Any suggestions?

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Can your Garage hub ping any of the other hubs? (Settings | Network | Ping if IIRC).

Does hub mesh work with Home Assistant? And since it doesn't, can you stick to the topic at hand?




Take a look at It corrects an issue with network services not reporting the software version of the hub. I believe hub mesh relies on the hubs being on the same software version. Just a guess but maybe will address your issue as well.

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Thanks (mostly) everyone. Sorry it took so long to get back, but I seem to be in PRT - Permanent Retirement Time - so my hours are odd to say the least.
Anyhow, after updating all 4 hubs to, the Garage devices were visible to the other hubs, bur the devices from C7 couldn't be seen by Tonga. A quick reboot of Tonga cleared them all up.


Hub Mesh dead after update to, will the enable after I update the second hub. disables all Hub Mesh devices, I am rolling back!!!

If you read the release notes you will see that .138 made several changes to HubMesh and requires all hubs to be migrated to .138 for it to continue to work. If you migrate all hubs and give it a couple of minutes to resync it works.


So, I now know. I thought it will be a lot quicker after the second update. I am still trying to decide which apps to go onto which hub. I also think I need to move an item or more to the new hub. I am still getting long delays from some apps. I want all the usual scheduled and regular actions on the first one and to move alerts to the second one to hopefully cut down on delays. I have a lot of devices on the first one so I am mostly putting mew one on hub 2.

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