Hub mesh - New hub do not see the other 2 and cannot be linked

I got a 3rd hub for my garage and was trying to add it today to my 2 others hubs.
The connection is via Ethernet cable connected to main switch.
The other 2 hubs see each other and are fully synced - no issues.
The newly added hub is connected to the exact same switch which the others connected to but none of the hubs can see the new hub and he cannot see any of the existing 2.
Any idea why and how I can fix it? I thought it would work simply out of the box like the other 2 connected instantly with no issues, as soon as I'll enable the hub mesh.
I do able to connect to the new hub GUI, Did some software upgrade and the "find hub" discovery find all the 3 hubs flawlessly.

Are all the hubs using either UDP or TCP? They must all agree.

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That is on the Hub Mesh screen.

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yes they are all set to UDP.

Did you set a fixed address on the new hub, or DHCP reservation?

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fixed IPs are set for the 2 older ones, the new one is still DHCP.

btw the other 2 worked with DHCP IPs for sometime with no issues so why would this matter?

I always use reservations, but if done properly, fixed also works. Since you have the first two working at fixed, you might try doing the same for this one. It shouldn't matter, but.......

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I assume they are all on the same subnet. For giggles I would still press the reset button on the bottom of the hub for 7 seconds with a toothpick (only round hole out of all the square ones). This will only reset the network settings.

If that does not work, switch all the hubs to TCP instead of UDP...

Apparently 2 x hard restarts (unplug the hub from power for 20 seconds) did it and now all 3 hubs are visible to each other in the network.

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Hope you shutdown cleanly first!

yes, no devices attached to the new hub yet so no damage done but I did do the shutdown before disconnecting.

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