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Hi, i have 3 hubs. I designated one of my hubs as a form of "master", this is where i run the dashboards from and this is where the cross hub scenes are run from. I also designated this to be the device which the other two have to follow mode changes from.

I have a custom mode, called "party". I use this mode to disable some automations that i trigger on normal nights, but never when i host guests.

I noticed that this mode isn't visible on the hubs that follow modes from the master. I synced and i even turned on the mode and synced to see if it would propagate.

Is it the case that custom defined modes is not shared across the hub mesh?
The party mode was created before i setup the hub mesh if that makes any difference.

thanks for your help, hub mesh works great (and i have a workaround if modes aren't shared across hubs).

Do you have “Party” defined on all hubs? Believe the mode following requires that all hubs participating have the same modes defined on them as the master prior to starting it.



This I had the same thing happen when I first set this up. Didn't realize I needed to create the same mode on each hub.

I do not have it defined on all hubs, i only have it set on the "master" hub that other hubs follows mode changes from.

so all i have to do is create it on all hubs? Each hub follows mode changes as long as its the same name as on the node it follows modes changes from?

Its a bit counter intuitive that you can follow mode changes, but it silently fails if a mode isn't defined on the local hub. A warning message would be useful.
Maybe even on the hub mesh page, "Note, Some modes are not defined on all hubs in mesh"?

Yup. It can only change the hub to a mode that exists. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised there is nothing coming up in your logs. I seem to recall that I would get errors in mine when it couldn’t change mode...

I couldn't find anything in the logs indicating that it can't change mode. An error of some sort would have been helpful. But i would really like if a hub that follows another hubs mode changes would import all of its modes automatically. that would be nice and simplify cross hub synchronization. But in the grand scheme of things i don't think i'll have many mode changes, i'd be happy with an error message.

the main hub "Watkins Ave" (that other hubs follows mode changes from). System events:

Main hub logs:

Slave hub "Watkins Garage". This hub follows mode changes from the master:

Slave hub logs:

Slave hub, hub-mesh settings:

Ah! I was thinking Hub Connect, not Hub Mesh... Gets confusing...

So if you create the mode on the other hub, does it work?

I haven't tried yet. got busy with an RM4 automation and punted on it. give me a sec and i'll get on it.

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No rush, just curious. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just tested. if i create the mode "Party" on the hub that follows then yes it will change modes correctly. If the mode doesn't exist locally on the hub then it will not change mode (and no error will be shown.

This log is from "Watkins Garage" that follows "Watkins Ave" for mode changes". Shows that when i change mode to "Party" on the "Watkins Ave" hub the "Watkins Garage" hub will change to Party as long as that mode is defined locally to "Watkins Garage".


Tagging @gopher.ny in case an error is something that could be added to the logs for a future version to deal with those situations... Sounds like it would have value, this use case being a great example.

yeah, i think an error or warning in a log would be useful. i thought about it and i wouldn't bother with hacking up a mechanism to propagate modes globally.
A warning or info in the log would be useful, something like:
"Info: hub-mesh: mode on "Watkins Garage mode not changed due to mode requested is not defined on Watkins Garage".

Just something simple like that to steer you in the right direction should be enough for most imho.
I have had the "party mode" on my hubs since the kickstarter days of smartthings and i just don't have any other modes. Party basically turns off my light automations for the duration of the party. I use it as a giant scene that disables most automations.


Yeah, having a location log message if mode doesn't exist on destination hub would make sense.


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