Hub Mesh missing events?

So I recently added a C7 to my mix and moved my zwave devices to it. I now have a C4 (zigbee stuff) a C5 (Controller with apps/integrations) and now a C7 with my zwave devices.

The zwave and mesh all seem to be working fine (albiet with some odd routings) however I've had some missed Motion Lighting events and was initially blaming on a new zwave mesh. However...I don't think that's what's going on. I think it might be Hub mesh just missing events. Finally caught a good example.

Logs from the C5 which runs the Motion Lighting app:

App: 70 is the app I'm looking at here you can see at 09:31:40 we have a motion active event and within that same second we have a turn on switch for "Laundry Room Lights" which is a zwave switch via Hub Mesh.

So now looking at the logs from the C7 zwave hub:

Nothing at all during that time. And further looking at the actual events for the "Laundry Room lights"

Nothing. You can see the last time the device was turned off at 7:42am then me turning it on via the devices page to see if it would respond...and it did, quite quickly I might add at 9:34.

So the "on" command never got sent. This is not the only time I've experienced this and it's not consistent. Ideas on where to look further to potentially see what's going on?


Try switching the hub mesh communication protocol from udp to tcp.

I was gonna make a UDP joke but he might have missed it


Are there currently issues with using Mesh on UDP? I think I have mine setup as UDP as well and though I am not seeing issues, I wonder if I should switch to TCP...?

Will do. Just switched all 3 hubs to TCP and rebooted them for good measure.

FYI this is on a wired 1G network switch. Just for extra info. No Wifi, no extenders/etc.

There are a few reliability related settings in UDP based communication library, I'll dig in more into that. It's been using recommended defaults so far, seems that a degree of tuning is in order.

I don't see many reports, but as hub mesh gets used more, issues are bound to come up. We'll be addressing them as we go.

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If you aren't seeing issues, I would leave it as multicast UDP. It will be marginally faster than TCP.


Saw my first missed event after switching to TCP. Now mind you... I only would get to see events that get missed when I personally see them. Aka, 5 people in the house so if an automation goes awry I don't necessarily get the info. This time I did. RM rule triggered on control hub, lightbulb on C4 hub via zigbee nothing. No events for the bulb at 6am as there should have been. But an event from RM firing. Just keeping this up to date. I would say that things seem better however after switching to TCP.

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