Hub mesh linked device 'site can't be reached' message

Hoping someone can help. I have added a device to one of my three hubs. They are all on a mesh and all are accessible on any of the hubs - except for the newest device just added. When I look at either of the two hubs that this new devices should be linked to, I see it as 'available on the xxx hub' and I should be able to then add to the list of linked devices. When I click to add I get the 'site can't be reached' page. Advice? Thanks much.

You might try restarting one of the hubs you are trying to add this new shared device to to see if that solves it. I have had to do that on occasion when modifying something with a meshed device.

Tagging @gopher.ny for any additional thoughts.

Do you click on the + button and it tells "site can't be reached" at that point?

Yes, that's exactly right. The 'site can't be reached' message comes when I click on the + button to add the device to the list of linked devices. I did try restarting the hubs, but that didn't help.

I think I have it working now. I again removed and re-added the device and that seems to have done the trick. Thank you so much for the guidance.

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I'm having the same issue.

  • Added the device to Hub 1
  • Enabled hub mesh for that device.
  • On Hub 2, went into the Settings menu and clicked on Linked devices
  • I can see the device listed as available. But when I click on it, I'm taken to a page that says this site can't be reached. IP address starts with undefined/device/edit

I tried removing the device from Hub 1 and re-adding it. And I rebooted both hubs multiple times between removing the device and re-adding). In case it's relevant: at one point, I had this device added to Hub 2 before removing it. Not sure if that's part of the issue.

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I've experienced the same thing (error msg.) & doesn't appear to complete the overall linking process.

Are either of you using security (a password) on the hub?

Are you using UDP or TCP?

Are these hubs on the same subnet ( or separate ones?

I want to say that this is a known issue that may have a fix the beta that is going on.

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Hi there. I finally got it working, but honestly canโ€™t tell you how. Finally just did what it was supposed to do. Iโ€™m using TCP, the same subnet, and the hub does have a PW.

In my case, the hub does not have a PW. The hubs are on the same Subnet. Using UDP.

Not using a pwd. on my hub.