Hub Mesh Instability?

Has anyone noticed instability in Hub Mesh since upgrading to 2.3.8? I have a mix of C-7's and C-8's running both 2.3.8 and 2.3.7. Ever since I upgraded my hubs with my devices on them (3 C-8's 2 running 2.3.8, 1 downgraded to 2.3.7), my dashboard hub (a C-7 running 2.3.8) has shown no or interment connection to my devices hubs.

In other words, if I look at my Hub Mesh in settings on my Dashboard hub it will show my devices hubs (1&2, 3&4 and House) sometimes connected, but they will drop off.

I have rebooted multiple times, enabled/disabled my hub mesh, attempted to reconnection and reset the Full Sync Interval. None of them help. The only factor that changed was going to 2.3.8 (though the devices hub that I downgraded to 2.3.7 is showing the same problem).

The devices hubs all show all my hubs, even the ones that can't see the devices hubs.

Any suggestions?

While this theoretically should not be a problem, some users have anecdotally reported that it's helped with other problems in the past: have you gone to Settings > Hub Details and set Hub name on LAN (not the regular "Hub Name") to different values for each hub?

I'm not aware of any Hub Mesh changes in 2.3.8, though it's possible some other change had some effect (don't recall any other reports).

Well, I hadn't even noticed that field, so of course all hubs were called "hubitat". Changed them to unique names. Rebooted 2 of my hubs (one of the source hubs and the destination hub affected). The all of the hubs came up on Hub Mesh initially on the affected destination hub, but then started to drop off, so no change in behavior.