Hub Mesh feature request ("linking device" and "in use by")

I have 5 HE hubs in my environment, all sharing devices between each other using Hub Mesh. I have been more active than usual in my environment recently and I have noticed a couple of things with Hub Mesh that I think could be improved upon and I would be humbled if they would be considered.

Linking device
Almost every time I go to link a new device on a remote hub, I first go to Devices -> Add device. Then I remember that I cannot link a Hub Mesh device from there and I have to go to Settings -> Hub Mesh instead. Wouldn't it make sense to add another button to the "Add Device" screen for adding Hub Mesh devices, a button that would take you to the Settings->Hub Mesh->Linked Devices page? Something like this:

In use by
It is brilliant that the "In use by" includes Hub Mesh. I would have broken so many automations if that hadn't been the case. However, it would be even better if the in use by would also display the hub(s) that are using the device, and for extra points, include a hyperlink that when clicked would take you to the device page of the device on the remote hub. Now, I obviously don't know how the Hub Mesh protocol works, the source hub may be completely clueless as to what hubs (if any) are using the device, so it may not even be feasible to implement this feature. What I had in mind was something like this:


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Scroll up from the In Use section because just below the dashboards drop-down there is a clickable “source device” link that takes you to the device page in the source hub

FWIW the name value of the device contains the hub source name.

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Yes, it’s already possible to go in that direction, like you say. What I’m looking for is in the other direction. From the source hub being able to tell what remote hubs are using the device

I wonder if the source hub - the one with the hub meshed device - knows which hub on the mesh is using the broadcasted device or if it’s simply broadcasting it. By that I mean that is making the device available to hub mesh but doesn’t know which hub is linked to it.


I was wondering the same. I don't know how hub mesh works under the hood, but perhaps it uses something like an eventsocket interface?


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