Hub Mesh - Device Sharing

Simple question. Does it make any difference (performance wise) if one shares devices on both hubs in the mesh versus sharing only devices from one hub?

Not 100% what you are asking, but my answer would be that performance is likely impacted by events coming out of the devices. Not overly, given my experience, but that would be the main ifluence.

In my case, I have some switches on one hub1 I would like to share with the other hub2 while I would like to share contact/motion sensors on hub2 with hub1. Would it be better to have anything I want to share reside on just one hub (in my case, switches, contacts motion) to share with the other.

Purely performane-wise I suspect not.... But if the devices are all Zigbee (or Zwave I suspect), then running two meshes would not be ideal....

Not at any detectable level. Your LAN communications speed is 100x the speed of your Z-device meshes and the contents of that communications is an Event, which is a small amount of data.

You can HubMesh devices in both directions for that same reason.. the communications is so tiny that there's no detectable impact. Your Hub is I/O limited, not CPU or Memory limited. I/O is limited by the speed of ZWave (100k max) and Zigbee (250k) as compared to your LAN connection of 10000k (10mb).


Yes, for a start on zigbee you would need to allocate another channel to the second mesh.

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