Hub Mesh - Couple Questions

Just looking at Hub Mesh tonight, have my C7 fully online and want to bring my C4 online since I just ordered an IoTaWatt. My goal is to use @ogiewon drivers on the C4.

A few questions...

Will I be able to hub mesh the power child devices from the C4 to the C7 where I have my Better Laundry Monitor app already configured for my Washer? I want to be able to add my Dryer monitoring here as well. My guess is the answer is Yes but I could also just install the app and create the rule on the C4 instead? Just thinking out loud on the best approach here.

Next, I have a Node Red Maker API on the C7 setup, Would it be better to setup Node-Red Maker API on the C4 as well and inject directly from the C4 instead of going to the C7 and injecting from there? I have both hubs setup to receive data within Node-Red.

Last, I want the mode to sync from the C7 to the C4. I have, on the C4, in Hub Mesh Settings " Follow another hub's mode changes:" set to the name of the C7. Mode Manager is not installed on the C4. Yet when I click Sync, the mode never changes?


I haven’t encountered any issues syncing devices that use a custom driver. I sync power monitoring and use BLM as well.

You need to have modes setup the same on both hubs. Mode manager on one.

Verified both have the same modes, and mode manager only on the C7. Not Syncing from the C7 to the C4.

So, your C7 looks like this:

And C4 like this:

And when you change modes on the C7, the C4 doesn’t change? I haven’t had any issue with this.

Yes, same configuration. C4 was on Day mode, and I was expecting when I click on "Sync" button at the bottom of the Hub Mesh settings screen it would change. I haven't waited to see if it would change as the mode actually changes on the C7 and what it shows on the C4 yet. I'll give it time.

I’m not sure if it matters, but I also have my modes in the same order on both hubs.

I have color temp change with mode change. Eight modes so the change isn’t drastic.