Hub Mesh - Change device link to new hub, still shows old hub name

  • Old Source Hub: C4
  • New Source Hub: C8 Pro
  • Target Hub: C5
  • Version: All running

I just got my new C8 Pro yesterday, and am going to be manually moving devices one by one off of my old C4 hub. (Basically my other hubs run almost all of the automations, but my C4 has most of the physical devices attached to it, and having moved houses, many of them are no longer in use, and I just want to start fresh...)

I got Hub Mesh set up, all the hubs are seeing each other, and I removed one zooz zen15 from the old C4, and paired it to the C8 Pro. I'm using that device in some automations on hub #3 (one of my C5s), and was able to add it via Hub Mesh from the C8 Pro.

However, I noticed the dropdown on the old OFFLINE device, and figured I'd give that a try to replace it. I removed the new hub-mesh-connected device to make it available in the dropdown and selected it there (Dehumidifier on Hub 5).

Looks like it reconnected, and I'm able to control it via the linked hub, but the name of the linked device still says "Dehumidifier on Hub 1". I don't mind that it still works, but it will become a bit confusing when the linked devices still show the old hub name.

Is this expected behavior? If I want the name to be proper should I just manually add it from the new hub and update my automations?